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Liberate the heart from the ego with love

By: Salaam Hearts

Spouses need to make sure that the marriage partnership is fulfilling and positive for both husband and wife. A marriage cannot endure if only one partner gets his way or demands that his/her needs, only, be satisfied. One of the worst disasters in marriage is when one spouse always insists on “being right.” Research shows that this aspect of personality comes from rigidity and weakness rather than strength. Settling differences or making decisions by way of each partner being willing to concede something for the sake of the relationship is a great policy to follow. It’s said that willingness to compromise makes a nation great and marriage happy. Compromise is also an indicator of flexibility and adaptability, two wonderful expressions of love for the spouse and the well-being of the marriage.

Pearl S. Buck, who wrote The Good Earth for which she won the Pulitzer Prize, and later became the first woman to to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1938, said, “A good marriage is one which allows for change and growth in the individuals and in the way they express their love.”

So “being right” and being “right” are not the same. Needing to “be right” is concerned with winning an argument or coming out on top or proving that you are smarter, better, preferred, superior, in control, more sophisticated, more worthy…

Here is no expression of love.

Being “right” is thinking, speaking, and acting according to what is good, just, reasonable, caring, kind, conscientious, honest, respectful, companionable, agreeable, warm-hearted, seeing only the best..

Here are beautiful expressions of love, each another seed planted in the gardens of our souls.

The ego cages us by the need to “be right” all the time. The heart liberates us by being set “right.” How much better would it be if we cared about being compassionate and forgiving rather than “being right”?

Author Sara Paddison said, “You’ll discover that real love is millions of miles past falling in love with anyone or anything. When you make that one effort to feel compassion instead of blame or self-blame, the heart opens again and continues opening.”

A higher potential for enthusiasm about life is found with an open heart. This state of being sees poetry in nature and human dynamics, and the moments in life that convey the tragic side of being human are endured with patience and courage. In this way we come to realize that peace of mind is not some distant state of being to arrive at “if I…” “when I…” “because they…” Peace of mind is a process of letting go, of surrendering impulses that grip the soul with hate or fear, impulse to blame, to resent, get revenge, punish, get even, be right….the list goes on and on.

What stops all that negative miscellany of resisting life and its manifold lessons is not impulse but resolve — the uncompromising decision to see all the imperfections of one’s life and self and others with perfect devotion. Devotion to God, to goodness, to love and compassion…oh, and one more thing — enthusiasm, open-hearted enthusiasm, to forgive again and again. Like immersing the soul in the purifying waterfall of forgiveness.

Once the Prophet (ﷺ) was asked, “O Apostle of God!” How many times are we to forgive our servant’s faults?” He was silent. Again the questioner asked, and the Prophet gave no answer. But when the man asked a third time, he said, “Forgive your servant seventy times a day.”

So how many times a day shall we forgive ourselves, our spouses, our children, our parents, our friends?

Source: Muslim Village
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Stick to policing not politics, Cele tells new units

Police Minister Bheki Cele has urged new members of the Public Order Policing (Pop) Reserve Unit to draw a definitive line between policing and politics.

Speaking in Pretoria yesterday, Cele added that Pop must refuse to be used as a tool by politicians – and he will, thus, be speaking to his colleagues in Cabinet in this regard.

“I will be speaking to my colleagues and say, please they (Pop) are not (a) political organisation and are not in political organisations,” he said. “They are not there to serve some political organisations. They are there to serve all South Africans, regardless of their political affiliation.”

Cele was speaking at the Police College during the launch of units to be deployed in provinces with the aim of increasing police personnel at station level to maintain law and order.

Cele urged members to distance themselves from politics when responding to community protests, and rather keep to their core business of policing.

“Don’t ask for political affiliations when you are deployed to communities; just perform your duties to the best of your abilities. Leave politics to politicians,” he said.

Councillors and mayors should be on the ground when people are protesting for service delivery and do their work and not overwork police members, he said.

National Police Commissioner General Khehla Sitole, who was in attendance, said there are 41 Pop Units, which consist of four reserve units and 37 provincial units.

“The full implementation of the Pop enhancement and capacitation process will result in four established national reserve units and 50 provincial units, with a staff compliment of approximately 11 000 members. For now we are 40% of the 11 000,” Sitole said.

The new units will multiply the capacity of the police members at provincial and national level. A number of different forms of operational vehicles and equipment has also increased to meet the current demands.

Cele reiterated his strong position for members of the Saps to serve and protect.

“I am not calling for police to be trigger happy, however, they will not die in the course of duty. Theirs is to defend themselves and defend the defenceless communities.

“Public Order Policing is for the minimum force levels response and the force levels increases depending on the situation at hand.”

Cele also warned the new members to stay away from any form of temptation and acts of bribery.

Source: Rising Sun Overport
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CAPE TOWN - Some homes in the vicinity of a road leading to Table Mountain have been evacuated amid a fire.

Fanned by the wind, the flames have spread rapidly.

Cape Town Fire and Rescue Services’ Theo Layne said: “We have nine firefighting vehicles from the city of Cape Town fire and rescue services assisted by three helicopters water bombing. The fire has not been contained as yet, it is being fanned by very strong south-westerly winds. There was a request to evacuate Tafelberg Road which has been done and thus far the cause of the fire is undetermined.”

The fire broke out earlier on Saturday afternoon.

Working on Fire's Lauren Howard said: “Three helicopters and a spotter plane form Working on Fire and 70 firefighters have been dispatched to assist Table Mountain National Park, PDMC and the City of Cape Town in suppressing a fire that broke out above Tafelberg Road.”

Source: EWN
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